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Al Dawaa pharmacies Wanted helper

Al Dawaa pharmacies Wanted helper 25.03.2020 skype interview in trichy helper=100 nos=salary=1000 SAR duty hours =8hour age limt=22 to 32 education sslc plus two must have knowledge &speake and wrting english accomation porvied company send cont=9629376812

UaeVoltas facility management co-walkin 11th chennai

UAE-Voltas facility management co-walkin 11th chennai 1 FACILITY MANAGER*= 5no=8000-10000=Including Accommodation Candidates must have experience of min 8 Yrs with Degree in Mechanical/Electrical including experience in Management and supervision of building MEP maintenance & operation. GULF EXPERIENCED PREFERRED 2.FACILTY ENGINEER=5NO=7000-8000=Including

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Saudi Arabia-Mccl Oil & Gas Projects-Walkin 5th chennai

Saudi Arabia-Mccl Oil & Gas Projects-Walkin 5th chennai   1.PROJECT MANAGER-CIVIL =4no= 10,000-12,000SR 2.SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER-CIVIL= 2 no=8,000-10,000SR 3.PLANNING ENGINEER –CIVIL =4no= 5,000-7,000SR 4.PLANNING ENGINEER-TRAINEE =2no= 2,000-4,000SR 5.ESTIMATION ENGINEER-CIVIL= 4no= 5,000-8,000SR 6.ESTIMATION ENGINEER – CIVIL TRAINEE= 1n0= 2,000-4,000SR 7.QC INSPECTOR-

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Kuwait-Krh Requirement – walkin chennai11th&12th

Kuwait-Krh Requirement – walkin chennai11th&12th 1.Carpenter= 75-80 KD 2.Welder 110-120 KD 3.Pavements & Grounds Maintenance 110-115 KD 4.Clerk- Logistics clerk/ Warehouse Clerk/ Admin/ Housekeeping 95-105 KD 5.Security 90-100 KD 6.Cerk/Admin (all skill) 100-105 KD 7.Accounting clerk 90-110 KD   8.Heavy

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Oman-Leading Facility Maintenance Walkin 1st Chennai

Oman-Leading Facility Maintenance  Walkin 1st & 2nd -Chennai   1.HVAC Supervisor= 22no= 350-OMR 2.Electrical Supervisor =5no= 350-OMR 3.Chiller Technician= 5 no=200-OMR 4.A.C Technician= 15no= 180-OMR 5.Electronic Technician= 10no= 180-OMR 6.Helper =29 no=120-OMR 7.ASSISTANT TECHNICIAN / HELPER 9no= 110-OMR 8.BMS TECHNICIAN=

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Requirement for Saudi Arabia-Walkin 19 th-Trichy

Saudi Arabia Scientific Medical Equipement House-Walkin 19th Trichy   1.Electrical Technician=30no=1500-2000SAR 2.HVAC TECHNICIAN=45no=1500-2000SAR 3.FIRE ALARM TECHNICIAN=15no=1500-2000SAR 4.ELRONECTIC TECHNICIAN=15no=1500-2000SAR 5.FIRE FIGHTING TECHNICIAN=15no=1500-2000SAR 6.BOILER TECHNICIAN=9no=1500-2000SAR 7.PUMP TECHNICIAN=6no=1500-2000SAR 8.GENERATOR TECHNICIAN (MECHANICAL & ELECTRIC)=15no =1500-2000SAR 9.WATER TREATMENT PLANT=9no=1500-2000SAR 10.SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT=9no=1500-2000SAR 11.HOME APPLIANCE TECHNICIAN=9no=1500-2000SAR

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Saudi Arabia-Al Hanouf -Walkin6th Trichy

Saudi Arabia Al Hanouf Operation & Maintanence-Walkin6th Trichy   1.High voltage technician=10no=1400-1600SAR 2.Chemist=3no=2200-2400SAR 3.Water pump mechanic=18no=1500-1700SAR 4.generator technician=30no=1600-1900SAR 5.Water purification chemist=18no=1800-2200SAR 6.Electronic technician=25no=1600-1900SAR 7.Telephone technician=18no=1600-1800SAR 8.Boilers operator=8no=1600-1800SAR 9.Xerox machine& printer technician=18no=1600-1800SAR 10.Home Appliances technician=12no=1500-1800SAR 11.Lift technicians=3no=1600-1800SAR 12.Medical gas technician/operator=25no=1600-1900SAR 13.Washing

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Saudiarabia Isam K.Kabbani Group walkin 9th-chennai

Saudiarabia Isam K.Kabbani Group walkin 9th-chennai     Telahandler operators=15no=1500-1800SR+OT   skid Loader Operators=15no=1300-1500SR+OT   Backhoe Loader Operators=15no=1500-1800SR+OT   Mobile crane Operators=15no=1800-2300SR=OT Dyna Drivers=25no=1500-1800SR+OT Pickup Drivers=45no=1500-1800SR+OT Land surveyor=10no=4500-6000SR+OT QC Manager (Architech)=5no=8000-10000SR+OT QC Ingineer(Architech)=5no=6000-8000SR+OT store keeper=15no=3000-4000SR+OT documrnt controller=5no=4000-5000SR+OT Electrician=50no=1300-1600SR+OT Electricians Assistants=60no=1000-1100SR+OT

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Urbacontrading&Contcompany-Qatar walkin4th -Trichy

Urbacontrading&Cont company(UCC)-Qatar walkin4th -Trichy   MIG Welders =30no= 1400-1500 QR+OT   Steel structural fabricator (fatory)= 50no= 1700-1800 QR+OT   Steel structural fabricators (site)= 100no= 1400-1500 QR+OT   Steel spray painters =30no= 1100 QR+OT Shearing machine operators =15no= 1300 QR+OT Erectors(Roof

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SAUDI ARABIA- “NADEC” DAIRY FARM walkin 1st cochin

SAUDI ARABIA- “NADEC” DAIRY FARM walkin 1st cochin VAN SALESMAN 150 1700 SR SALES SUPERVISOR =15 no=4100 SR Job Descriptions : Walkin interview cochin Client interview@ Cochin 01.03.2020 send resume: Desired candidate profile : Benefits provided by company

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